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Associate in Procurement  and Supply (APS-K)

Download Revised Edition of APS-K notes for Level 1 , Level 2 and Level 3.These are updated APS-K notes in pdf format, free past papers also provided.

Below are the download links for these APS-K notes and past papers

APS-K  Level 1

Click Here to download Level 1 Notes

I AL 1.1 Principles in Procurement And Supply

2.AL 1.2 Supply Markets

3.AL 1.3 Introduction to Business Law

4.AL 1.4 Supply Chain Management

5.AL 1.5 Entrepreneurship and Business Ethnic

APS-K  Level 2

Click Here to download Level ii Notes

1.AL 2.1 Stores and Distribution

2.AL 2.2 Procurement and Supply Relationships

3.AL 2.3 Contract Administration

3.AL 2.4 Quantitative Skills

4.AL 2.5 Communication and Office Management

APS-K Revision kits also available in the link below

Associate in Procurement  and Supply is controlled and regulated by KISM

The CPSP-K curriculum/exam is designed to equip learners with knowledge, practical skills, and attitudes that will enable them to perform duties as buyers, supply chain managers, supervisor directors, or consultants for organizations. To achieve this, modules such as Costing and Budgeting, Finance, Leadership, Governance and Project Management are incorporated into the curriculum, in addition to core Supply Chain Management modules.The program comprises four parts, including a research paper and has been benchmarked to international curriculum and practice standards. The course is concerned with the application of procurement and supply principles and solving supply chain challenges in a dynamic environment.

By the end of the course, the trainee should be able to:
a) Understand the role played by the Procurement and Supply department in an
b) Communicate effectively when carrying out Supplies Chain Management activities
c) Apply Procurement and Supply principles in an organization
d) Appreciate the impact of the environment in the purchasing and supply function.
e) Recognize and apply ICT skills in supply chain management.
f) Appreciate the emerging trends and issues in procurement and supply management

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